1. Last-One-Left's Avatar
    Hello and good day everyone, this is my first post here since I'm new to Android and only have my s3 about a week. It is the AT&T version, 1747. However I'm on crackberry for sometime now so I'm not a total noob when it comes to "tech", and yes I read a lot of the good stuff you guys posted, great work!
    So anyway here is my scenario to you all..
    Everyone knows that Jelly Bean isn't available as yet from AT&T but after rooting we can have this option but using Custom ROMs. My question to you is, is there a totally unedited stock version of Jelly Bean that I can use on my phone after rooting? Sounds dumb? Yes I know, why root to simply put stock software on your phone..Well the phone is new to me and I will like to play around a little more with Samsung's stock interface..can anyone here point me in the direction of a stock version of Jelly Bean for my AT&T s3? Please let me know..and all criticizing is welcomed..I'm new to this and any advice or opinions are welcomed
    Thanks guys, much appreciated.
    11-05-2012 10:18 AM
  2. austinography's Avatar
    Unfortunately no such thing exists yet, which is why many of us that enjoy the stock TouchWiz experience are still patiently waiting for the official OTA from ATT. There have not even been any leaked JB builds from ATT. If you search on the XDA forums, I think the Sprint official JB release has been ported to work on ATT, but it's bound to be a little buggy still and I think you have to flash a new modem.
    11-05-2012 10:54 AM
  3. Last-One-Left's Avatar
    Thanks for the reply..I understand now, what options are there? Basically for now just custom Ice Cream Sandwich?
    I have one problem that I left out earlier, I notice my current software is a bit glitchy, nothing serious but somethings just don't function the way my friends s3's does. Can I do a total wipe and reinstall? To factory version Ice Cream Sandwich? Is that even an option? Thanks again
    11-05-2012 01:17 PM

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