1. droseph's Avatar
    With black friday coming up, it's inevitably that the GS3 will be on sale. My question is, with the Nexus 4 coming out, is the GS3 still worth my upgrade? I don't know what I want to do right now, the Nexus doesn't have LTE and living in the SF Bay Area, I actually have access to LTE. But, the Nexus is quad core, and has updates as it comes out. Another question I have has to do with custom roms, specifically CM10. How stable are these releases when it comes to all the features such as camera, etc? And how's battery life? Lastly, does anyone know how the auto updater works? Is it basically like regular OTA's from any other company? Or would I have to reflash every time and update comes out?

    If this is the wrong section, I'm sorry as I'm new around here. I'd love to hear your feedback.
    11-07-2012 11:08 PM
  2. The Hustleman's Avatar
    It's a tough choice, but I'd say get the galaxy s III and try it to see if you like it.

    Not having LTE isn't a good idea but it's understood why it doesn't but hspa+ is plenty fast.

    I use it and get up to 21mbps down, what do you really need more speed than that on a phone for?
    More phone, less cost!

    The galaxy s III has some really nice, useful features but the nexus 4 is just amazing plus the guarantee of upgrades ON TIME is very appealing

    sent from the best smart phone (not phablet) available - the galaxy S III!
    11-07-2012 11:29 PM
  3. runtohell121's Avatar
    If you want fast update, get the Nexus 4 but sacrificing LTE.
    Majority of the ROMs are fine for daily use, pretty stable from my past experiences but a few bugs here and there usually.
    11-09-2012 03:16 AM
  4. OhAlfie's Avatar
    No SD card option would be a total deal breaker for me. I don't need LTE speeds so that's a non-issue for me as well.
    11-09-2012 11:07 AM

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