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    Hi guys, I got a S3 Rogers version (at&t) and I just rooted with the help of YouTube. I installed SuperSu, goomanager, and titanium backup. I did the basic steps for SuperSu and goomanager but not for titanium backup. That means I haven't done a backup yet.

    The reason of my posting is that I would like that someone lines out the chronological steps to continue my quest to flash my phone.

    I have read posts and posts in numerous websites but is very confusing because they try to aim at a broader audience and I'm afraid of bricking my phone. My goal is to flash a 4.1 stock rom (not available thru Rogers) and eventually 4.2 when a stable rom comes out.

    I have read lots about clockworkmod but I don't completely understand it's functionality. I have also read its very important to backup your stock rom just in case but I'm not sure if to do it with titanium backup or in recovery mode.

    Please help me. If you have a link to 4.1 rom for at&the please share it. Thanks

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    11-10-2012 11:02 AM

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