1. sslangs's Avatar
    I have an sd card installed. When I go to the storage option it says to mount sn sd card. It will not allow me to acess thr card. When I go to my files, the sd card apoears

    Also, who can I get kies to download music to my csrd rather than phone ?

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    11-13-2012 09:12 AM
  2. winmod21's Avatar
    Hi sslangs! Welcome aboard.
    Sometimes you just need to pull your SD card out slightly, and then push it back in, and check and see if your S3 then recognizes your card. That worked for me, when I first installed my SD card.

    With Kies, I've read and experienced that it can be rather finicky. And honestly, I don't recall if it lets you download to your ext. sd card. Someone will be along to help you with that.
    But with my S3, I've been having good success with iSyncr (if you scroll down, you can click on 'Download iSyncr for PC Desktop App Now' or 'for Mac') and it's been working great for me. When I plug-in my S3 to my PC, it's instantly recognized as a [SGH-I747] drive, with: [E: Phone] & [F: Card] sub-driveswhere you can direct any music, photo's, video's and/or files that you wantonto either your phones' internal SD, or your external SD card.
    Plus, the google play store has both: iSyncr Lite for PC & iSyncr for PC (USB & WiFi).

    I got tired of messing around w/ Kies and uninstalled it, but like I said, someone more knowledgeable will be along to help you with Kies.
    11-13-2012 02:10 PM
  3. Something Creative's Avatar
    If you just pop your SD card into the computer you can drop any and all music files directly onto it as opposed to going through Kies (if you can even do so via Kies).
    11-13-2012 02:45 PM

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