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    Hey guys, I have been trying to find some information but cant seem to find it.

    I am planning on rooting my galaxy s3 ATT and don't want to trip the root counter. I have found some info and wondering if it's really worth doing, if I have an issue with my phone does the customer service check for root first?

    Can you have stock touchwiz and cm10 roms installed?
    when I root and install CM10 does it erase my stock touchwiz rom? just want to make sure if I have to back things up

    thanks for the help in advance
    11-16-2012 06:35 PM
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    Get yourself to XDA and meet the minimum post count to post in the dev threads first. Then read and keep reading about rooting / romming.

    So with that out of the way...

    If your flash counted gets tripped you can use an app called 'Triangle Away', it's on XDA for free (I'll let you work for it) or on Play for $2.50. I just used it yesterday before switching back to stock TW, it works fine but there is the possibility that it can brick your phone, again I highly suggest you find the thread on XDA and read. Will CS check? Maybe but maybe not, if the phone is truly bricked then they can't but if your taking your phone in to CS after rooting/romming you might ask if rooting/romming is something you want to be doing.

    Stock TW and CM10 are mutually incompatible. Installing one will nuke the other and personally if you switch from one to the other I suggest doing a factory wipe after the install regardless this will minimize the chance of issues later. So think about that, if you have your apps all configured how you like that will all go away and you'll need to start over from scratch. There are ways to get around this, look into Titanium Backup. But your still going to be setting your phone up from scratch again, and possibly more often if a dirty flash introduces issues. Prior to flashing you should be making a nandroid backup from within CWMR, if things go bad you can restore from the backup, I verified that this works on a rooted Kindle Fire to assuage my own fears prior to taking the plunge. You should also be making nandroids prior to every flash as well.

    You asked if it's worth doing. Yes, to experience stock vanilla Android it's great. CM does an excellent job and really turns the S3 into a lean, functional, fast device. I was very happy that I did it. However there are compromises. CM isn't Samsung, they don't have access to all the drivers and specs so it will never be perfect. Little things like Picasa sync stops working, Instagram doesn't work last I checked. BT Audio doesn't work properly, phone call volume is still extremely loud and many other little niggles that may or may not eventually bother you enough to want to go back to stock. Samsung packs in an amazing amount of very cool features into TW, sure there is a lot of bloatware and some of the features are crap but over all TW isn't horrible. I'm stock TW again but I'll likely root so I can freeze a few apps, change a few things that bother me but I'll wait until the official JB rom first.

    So go for it but it's not all unicorns and rainbows, it's awesome and very cool and the fact that you can load a different OS (albeit a different flavor of Android) on to your phone is really cool just temper your expectations.
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    11-17-2012 09:40 AM

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