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    So my fiance and I both have SIII's but hers quit getting 4G and 4G LTE today while mine is getting nothing but 4G and 4G LTE. She has had her phone since it came out with no problems but like I said boom her 4G and 4G LTE just quit working. Any ideas of what it could be?

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    11-23-2012 08:59 PM
  2. yeah yeah's Avatar
    I'm having the exact same issue. I started another thread earlier today about this. Started having this a couple of days ago.

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    11-23-2012 09:20 PM
  3. shansmi's Avatar
    Power down the phone, pull the battery and reseat the SIM card. Leave it out for say 10s before putting the SIM card back in. Power up and you should be good. If it happens again report it to 611.
    11-24-2012 10:38 PM

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