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    After reformatted my S3 and installed CM10 on there, I've encountered instances where I won't get any texts or calls for a good two to three hours at a time. When I do get them, the texts that is, it'll be in an abundance so my ringtone goes off like five times simultaneously. This had happened three times already every since I rooted my phone and installed CM10 on there two weeks ago. Anyone else encountered the same issues and have some solution for me? It's either the software or AT&T's connection. Things were working fine when I was the stock Touchwiz, that's why I didn't consider AT&T's connection to be the culprit. Also taken into the fact that I'm in a well covered area in term of reception. It's out of the question for me.

    If I remembered correctly, two of the three instances took place around 8-11 PM at night. If this is indeed CM10 that's causing the problem, I'll switch to AOKP since I've been wanting to anyways due to the battery drain on CM10. Any feedback on the AOKP ROM?

    Thanks for all opinions and possible solutions!
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    12-02-2012 02:46 AM
  2. shockwave0_1's Avatar
    I have the same issue as you, but I'm on Wind Mobile. This issue happens intermittently anywhere between 1 to 2 days, my phone will stop being able to receive calls. It's very frustrating and Samsung is really no help. After two attempts on trying to "repair" my phone, they have failed each time. The only thing they did was they ran a "RF Test" and everything passed, they said. So they re-flash my phone with the same ROM - again and again.. I told them, "This is my second time sending it in, and you guys are redo'ing the same steps as the first repair. You don't need to be a rocket scientist to know this, but wouldn't you think when you send me back the phone - the issue is still going to be there?!" ... And sure enough, when I got the phone back, I was still unable to receive calls..

    So I took matters into my own hands - I flashed it with a older release stock rom and I tested it for 2 weeks, and it was able to receive calls. When I flashed with the earlier release, it also flashed the baseband. Either way, I should not be prevented from using the up to date software! This is a Samsung issue but if you ever tried dealing with them over the phone, it's painful. They said they would send me a REFURB replacement - (believe me, I tried fighting for a brand new phone, since I paid for a brand new phone and this issue came straight out of the box - it's not even my fault to begin with!) it's been 3 weeks and I still don't see any phone replacement nor did I receive any mails from Samsung.

    Btw, Galaxy S3 is the phone I have.

    If you discover a permanent fix for this issue, please let me know. I've been searching but no luck.

    12-04-2012 10:25 AM
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    UPDATE: it's been over a month and I still don't see any phone replacement nor did I receive any mails from Samsung. So I called Samsung today after a month and 2 weeks. They said my replacement have been cancelled. First they said it's approved and requested me to send in my receipt for the phone. I had done the the very moment I hung up the phone from when they told me my replacement was approved (that was over a month ago). They want me to sent it in again to Samsung so they can "test". This is just ridiculous and getting out of hand. Does ANYONE have a fix for this????

    Other forums are saying this is a wide spread issue...
    12-17-2012 06:41 PM
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    I also had that problem while on cm10, nightlies and stable. I got really fed up with it after missing important calls or receiving important texts late, and after seeing that att came out with jelly bean decided to switch back to stock (flashing with Odin, having to reboot back into recovery after flashing and doing a factory reset before it would boot back up). So far on stock 4.1.1 I haven't had anything odd occur like the bundling of texts from the past hour all sending at the same time. Although after seeing cm10.1 came out I'm awfully tempted to try my luck again...

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    12-17-2012 07:00 PM
  5. itssmee's Avatar

    After not knowing what else to do, I flashed back to stock ROM. When I was reading around, I noticed some suggestion about getting the "Voicemail" number by going to Phone-> call settings-> voicemail settings-> copy down the "voice mail number". So I decided to try my luck again and root my phone along with installing the ParaKANGdroid ROM. After flashing the ROM, I went into the voicemail setting using the same procedures above. When I got there, there was no voicemail number so I input the one I got when I was on stock ROM and didn't experience any problems I reported above.

    If you didn't copy down your voicemail number, you could call your provider for that information. Try it out and see what happens. Best of luck.
    01-05-2013 04:32 AM
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    I have same issue with Galaxy Note 2. quick temp fix is to turn airplane mode on and then off
    i believe this an att issue.

    My phone is not rooted. and ihave had this issue many times and am frustrated!
    03-13-2013 06:15 PM
  7. mty msi's Avatar
    AT&T since 1-9-13 has had a known random intermittent issue with callers unable to dial through instead getting an error message that the call can't be completed at this time. It effects potentially every 4G device AT&T uses in every market where they have 4G service. Issue is caused by a Lucent (manufacturer's name) switch AT&T uses in their 4G network. After about a dozen calls to AT&T tech support over a week's time getting a different answer every time they finally called me to advise of the problem. Far as I know it's not yet fixed. My S3 has 4G disabled for this reason. AT&T said they would notify me when the issue was resolved and I've heard nothing in over a month (about 6 weeks or so). You can probably find a thread about this on the xda developers forum. I did get a $432 bill credit but I spent over 30 hours and went through 3 phones trying to resolve the issue before AT&T called me.
    03-16-2013 08:14 PM

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