1. Vcize's Avatar
    I updated to Jelly Bean two days ago, and I've been getting a little less than half the battery life I did before the update.

    I thought Google Now might be the culprit as "Maps" was showing up high in the battery percentage indicator, so I disabled both it and GPS but it doesn't seem to have helped any. I already run Juice Defender. Nothing new has really popped up in BetterBatteryStats.

    Has anyone else noticed a large dip in battery life on JB as compared to ICS?
    12-06-2012 10:25 AM
  2. anon(94115)'s Avatar
    did you do a full wipe after the kies installation? I always say this is the only way to update.
    Also, it could take a few days for the battery to settle in
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    12-06-2012 10:47 AM
  3. rong21's Avatar
    mine isn't as good as it was before the update. Still not bad. I use JD so figured it needs a little time to adjust. I'm thinking it's because I've been messing around a little more with it.

    I did note a difference in what's draining my battery. Before the update my cell standby was always around 40-50%. Now it's down to around 7%. My Android OS is now the top battery drain at 23% followed by the screen. I adjusted the screen brightness down so hopefully that will help
    12-06-2012 11:03 AM
  4. jcp007's Avatar
    Try a battery pull and leave it out for a minute.

    Sent From My Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 Tablet
    12-06-2012 09:09 PM
  5. ttwiitch's Avatar
    I can't compare to the old version cus I just got the phone a week ago but it has gotten worse since day 1.... Main battery drain os screen and I have brightness on manual all the way down.

    Normal use on the firsts days lasted 10-11hrs, now I'm at 8hrs when it hits 15%...

    Sent from my Galaxy S3
    12-06-2012 10:24 PM
  6. chubbycherub's Avatar
    i think i may have found at least one culprit for the diminished battery life. i went into (settings | battery) and selected the graph and noticed that my wifi usage was showing a solid bar. i then went to (wifi | advanced) to confirm that "keep wifi on during sleep" was set to never and it was. this must mean then that the setting is being ignored, otherwise my wifi usage would be showing gaps in the battery usage graph whenever the phone is idle. i've disabled wifi and will see how it goes. i was noticing about 50% more battery consumption with JB so hopefully it gets back closer to ICS levels.
    12-06-2012 11:27 PM
  7. bogdaryl's Avatar
    I've had poor battery life as well since the upgrade. After spending a lot of time reading on here and tinkering with settings it appears I have found and remedied some of my culprits. The wifi setting the above poster has listed. I also went in and disabled all of the bloatware that I could. But I found the biggest change when I decided to read about and then uninstall my Kaspersky Mobile Security. It seems after checking the battery usage by this program was higher than any other operation of the phone including screen. I don't know if the program needs an update or what but I didn't affect my phone battery nearly as much on ICS. I will continue to monitor this problem on my S3 and will ost anything I find to be helpful good luck to everyone.
    12-07-2012 06:01 AM
  8. jcp007's Avatar
    I have Kapersky as well and will look at it. Battery life seems only marginally better. It is not as much an issue for me as a former BB owner, I got in the habit of keeping a charger at home, in the office and in the car. There are other settings that should help. Turn off Haptic feedback, NFC and SBeam. Enable power saving mode. Set animation settings to 0.5x in Developer options. Kapersky is showing on my GS3 at very low usage in the battery section of settings.

    Sent From My Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 Tablet
    12-07-2012 06:36 AM
  9. hydrogen3's Avatar
    did you do a full wipe after the kies installation? I always say this is the only way to update.
    Also, it could take a few days for the battery to settle in
    Should I do a factory reset before downloading the update?
    12-07-2012 06:52 AM
  10. andrew5353's Avatar
    Go to map, settings,location settings and untick report from this device.
    12-26-2012 06:44 AM
  11. andrew5353's Avatar
    Go to maps,settings, location settings and untick " report from this device" as it is talking to google non stop.
    12-26-2012 06:49 AM

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