1. TheLibertarian's Avatar
    Another question here for everyone.

    See what you notice wrong here:

    Info: Two email accounts setup on the GS3, one Comcast, one for school. As of today, randomly (it seems) the phone shows a "-1" counter, both on the icon and within the app. I am at a loss.
    12-11-2012 02:50 AM
  2. piizzadude's Avatar
    do you have a pending delete on the server?
    12-11-2012 03:00 AM
  3. TheLibertarian's Avatar
    do you have a pending delete on the server?
    Hadn't thought of that, thanks. Removed the account entirely and set it up again double checking the settings. Issue is solved for the moment anyways!
    12-12-2012 09:07 AM
  4. wendy haynes's Avatar
    I have just read a way to get rid of this........
    Hold down Home button
    You will see a bar at the bottom
    Press left icon (looks like a pie chart)
    Next window that pops up should ne RAM manage
    Click clear memory and that should work.
    Did for me
    01-26-2015 02:54 PM

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