1. Brightonuk's Avatar
    I am trying to play movies via an ext SD card and using a Samsung HDMI converter, the interconnect is a top of the line Wireworld Chroma 5
    My issues is a stuttering picture.

    I have tried just about every setting in Aiseesoft and even tried ripping using Leawo software.
    The issue seems to be the transfer rate to the TV as on the phone the picture is perfect.
    On the TV any panning by the camera results in stuttering, it is like the signal is just not fast enough.

    As I said I have tried various settings in Aiseesoft even pushing the video bitrate to 8000kpbs using an MPEG2 decoder and everything inbetween
    I was told by the tech guys at Aiseesoft said the best setting is the Galaxy SII and Bitrate at 2000kbps but still the same jerky panning issue.

    I have experimented with other encoders as well as, Bitrate, resolution and frame rate settings but all suffer the same issue.
    I also tried other makes of Interconnects but they all result in the same stuttering picture

    The overall picture quality on the TV looks OK and on the phone perfect

    Any help
    01-07-2013 09:18 PM
  2. rishijaya's Avatar
    I am running into the same thing, but I am mainly trying to play Google Play movies. I have tried two different HDMI to S3 cables and it is doing the same thing. Any suggestions would be great.
    01-25-2013 04:54 PM

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