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    Ok I've read couple posts here and there about how if the screen is locked with a pin lock or pattern lock, pushing the voice button on a Bluetooth device doesn't bypass and allow use for full hands free calling. They recommended Tasker, and seems to work. My issue is I already own AutomateIT Pro version, and I added two rules to disable security when particular device is active, and to re-enable security when it is disconnected. That worked, but...my issue is when I would use the phone I could pick the phone up, and start using it, then all of a sudden the lock would re enable making me unlock it. An example, I wake the phone up, hit Dolphin Browser. Browser goes to open up, and BAM the lock screen pops up and makes me unlock the phone even though I had already been using the phone.This is without the Jawbone being connected. So does anyone else use AutomateIT Pro or give suggestion on what the rule is supposed to be? Once I disabled the rules completely, the phone works normal. I'm not rooted, stock JB on AT&T. Any suggestions would be helpful and appreciated.
    01-24-2013 03:22 PM

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