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    1. Is there an app I can download which PREVENTS the auto-rotation of photos when uploading them somewhere? Example: I like taking taking vertical photos. It's my preferred method. However, when I move the file from my phone to my PC or want to edit with Instagram, it auto-rotates the photo sideways and it's really getting frustrating. My iPhone did this also. If the phone doesn't recognize vertical shots as BEING vertical, why in the world do they give you the option to take it that way??

    2. Is there an app that doesn't make my videos look like crap when I send through the standard text app? The only way I can get them to go through is if I "limit to MMS" and the quality goes from perfect, to junk.

    3. I'm also looking for an app that will allow me to easily save photos from the web. I have pictures on Facebook that I want to save to my phone but am unable to, or I don't know what to do to save them.

    Are there any tips and tricks to this device? I've had it for a few months now and I'm still having such a difficult time learning it...
    01-26-2013 12:08 PM

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