1. mty msi's Avatar
    For a week that I've been aware of on an intermittent basis when people try to call me they receive various error messages. Most commonly it's "the phone call can not be completed at this time". I've called AT&T tech support at least 8 times and have gotten 8 different responses including 3 disconnects with no call back. Since I use my cellphone # as my business # it is a huge problem as my clients and potential clients can't reach me. I live in suburban Detroit (north of the city) and I'm wondering if anyone else in my area or any area is having or has had the same problem.

    It seems you are on your own with this problem as AT&T can not resolve or even identify the problem. They can't tell me if it is a network problem or a problem with my phone or sim card. I am going to get a new sim card tomorrow and if that doesn't resolve the issue a new phone. Any help is greatly appreciated. The S3 is my second Android phone and I like it very much but if I have to get a new phone I may well get an iPhone just so I don't have to deal with AT&T's totally incompetent tech support when a serious problem arises.
    01-29-2013 10:56 PM
  2. mty msi's Avatar
    I'm pretty surprised no one responded on this thread. Last Thursday morning AT&T Tech Support called to tell me it has been a known issue since 1-09-13. It can effect every 4G/LTE phone on AT&T's network in every market they offer 4G/LTE service and is due to a problem with a Lucent switch AT&T uses. Problem is both random & intermittent, there is no final resolution yet or an expected date of resolution.

    Had I been told that on Friday morning 1-25-13 I would not have wasted about 15 hours on 10-12 tech support calls which each had a different response to the problem (none of them correct), 6 hours on 2 trips to Costco to get 2 new phones, the 1st an LG Optimus G & the second another S3, and 10 hours setting up 2 phones. Plus, my clients & potential clients would have been able to call me. Had they called me 15 hours earlier I could have kept my original S3.

    I did receive $432 in bill credits from AT&T but that pales in comparison to the time I spent trying to rectify the problem considering otherwise I would have been running my business. And no one else on the forum has had the issue?
    02-02-2013 11:14 PM

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