1. jewellkim1's Avatar
    I have an issue in receiving my text messages. Sometimes I will receive several messages in a row because of the delay. What is weird, when the messages do come in, the time is always when they were sent. For example-- Someone will send me a text message at 12:15pm. I won't recieve it to my device unil 1:30pm, but when the text is received on my end, it will say 12:15pm even though I didn't receive it until 1:30pm...How can I fix this? And the people the messages are coming from all have different carriers. I think it is a phone issue since other people i know with AT&T don't have the same issue.

    02-24-2013 08:54 PM
  2. Donnell Jones's Avatar
    I've been experiencing a similar problem for a while now as well. My workaround has been to stop using wifi. Since I made that change I haven't had any delays. I have unlimited data so its not much of a problem for me, but its worth a shot to see if it works for you.
    03-28-2013 01:36 PM

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