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    My friend just busted her screen and can't use it at all. She did not previously sync her contacts with icloud or google. Is there a way with a program, app, or with Windows Explorer and a USB cord to get those contacts off of her phone?
    03-04-2013 03:25 PM
  2. Almeuit's Avatar
    She should be able to connect to the PC and pull the contacts off the phone if I am not mistaken.

    Take this as a example though.. Always save contacts to the Google account and not the phone itself. Saves headaches in the future .

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    03-04-2013 04:59 PM
  3. Ntchwaidumela's Avatar
    A good backup app will do nicely too. You can backup to your sd card, so you can always use it to transfer contacts, apps, photos, data, etc. to your computer or a new device. I use MyBackup Pro, and it's saved me a couple of times. There are other good ones available as well.

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    03-04-2013 05:43 PM

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