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    I put mp3 music on my sd card the regular way by dragging the songs in the sd card space on my computer. everything is fine until after I put them in, some mp3's turn into strange looking files. When this happens, the songs do not show up in my music player any longer. Also, when I try to play some songs that seem to not have been damaged, they play a track that is not even related to it. For example, I tried to play a nickleback song and it started playing zztop. I have looked and tried to pick out songs that looked corrupted or something but I can't find the problem. Now i do know that way back in the day I downloaded some songs off of a probably fishy website, but I can't tell which songs they were. Honestly, I don't know if my sd card is the problem or if its some songs that are the issue. I wonder, because I don't think a a few bad songs could corrupt half of my 2000 song library on my phone. It makes me think that its my sd card, but still I don't know. I have reformatted my sd card many times to try and fix this issue, but the same thing keeps happening. Help would be appreciated.
    01-28-2014 08:16 PM
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    Have you re-formated the card using your PC or phone ?

    I tried to play a nickleback song and it started playing zztop
    You music player app and/or playlists seem a little screwed...

    Re-Format your card using a different device than what you used, clear your phone's cache (Settings/storage/cache)

    Transfer to your phone via USB cable, with your device set to act as a "mass storage device".

    Try using VLC or Neutron or some other well-regarded app to play your music, and make your playlists from the phone itself using a Playstore app.

    Suggested apps:

    Neutron music player. (Paid, Limited Eval version available)
    My Playlist maker FREE
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    01-28-2014 09:54 PM
  3. zeiriza12's Avatar
    The same thing happen but, it started when I updated my google music (via playstore) and that's when my songs wouldn't play nor show up. Only my podcast files and now they're not playing or showing up. Other things that were effect ( idk if it was caused by updated google music or the other updates) but my pictures is being screwed with too. It first was doing duplicates of it self, now it's duplicating and one folder will have this amount and the other would have another amount. And if I delete one, it would effect the other one (ie: if one folder have 1356 pic and the second one have 756. If I delete the second folder, it will take away from the first and you'll see it counting down). And when you click on the folder, you'll either see one pic or half the required number of pictures. Now everytime I delete the duplicate folder and turn off my phone and turn it on again, they'll reappear again. Same way when I plug my phone to the computer. My 16gb sd card had 8gb left on it; now it showing almost completly empty. What's going on?
    05-05-2014 06:59 PM

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