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    Low/Zero Reception after dropping my phone-galaxy-s3.jpg

    Well recently i dropped my phone and i have been having reception problems with it and i want to fix it myself. I was wondering what was located at the top left side of the galaxy S3 phone that deals wiht reception, like what antenna and where i can get a replacement for it. Im also getting a replacement screen but i got that part covered, i just need to know what i need to get in order to fix the internal components that may be damaged from the fall. In summary, the problems im facing are at max 1 bar out of 5 on my phone and thats if im lucky. i usually have 0 bars and my phone says emergency phone calls only. I also cant use my data because of this and its been a problem for me.... So plz help me. If you could tell me what parts i need and where i can get them that would be amazing..
    02-10-2014 05:46 PM
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    I think the antennas are wired to the motherboard.
    02-11-2014 11:54 AM
  3. Yen Gilkes's Avatar
    It is very likely that you have damaged the Antenna chip itself when the phone has been dropped (the white board pictured below..)

    Low/Zero Reception after dropping my phone-antenna.png

    Sadly, replacing the antenna itself will not suffice, damage will have been caused to the chip that powers the antenna (if the antenna was damaged - no signal would be available, if the power board is 'fried' then you would get inconsistent signal.)

    The power chip for the antenna is located beneath your sim card/sd card shield. (Pictured below, first with the shield in place, then with the shield removed and put to one side)

    Low/Zero Reception after dropping my phone-sim_port.png

    Low/Zero Reception after dropping my phone-gsm_chip.png
    The chip itself is the one boxed in orange. It is a SKY77604.

    To replace the chip would be very difficult, and require precise soldering - generally these are fitted by machines at the factory - and not really a serviceable part.

    I do believe you could macgyver it however with a bit of magic... and a steady hand!!!

    If you wish to replace the chip - I would personally attempt to re-solder the original first, and establish whether it was just cracked loose.
    You can find the chip on ebay - SKY77604, roughly 9 exc delivery.

    ** NOTE **
    I do not take responsibility for any damage to your handset if you attempt to dis-assemble by yourself without any computer or electronics experience.
    This is a delicate procedure and the electronics exposed at this stage are highly susceptible to damage
    04-10-2014 02:35 PM
  4. mmfnsmith's Avatar
    While all that info may be correct on a possible broken antennae or power supply, I suggest trying something super simple first. I just had the exact thing happen to my Galaxy S4 just this morning, and I took the battery out of the phone and held down the power button for a good long minute or 2, and when I powered on my phone again the signal strength showed super weak for a few seconds, even though I was standing right beside my wifi router, which was what it was doing right after i dropped it,and then shot right back up to full strength again and stayed there. I'm now 30 feet away from my router through 3 walls and still have full signal. Hope this helps!

    Well, I thought this fixed the issue for a while, now I'm back at the same issue. Bluetooth is cutting in an out also, less than 2 feet from the reciever. Wifi goes from full strength to 1 bar in the same location...
    01-15-2017 02:01 PM

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