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    Hello, before anyone asks, yes we live in one-party consent states, it is legal to record calls as long as one party is aware.

    Long story short, our attorney has advised us to get a call recording app because my husband's ex is a loon and he believes it would be helpful in court to have calls on record. Problem is I am having a helluva time finding a call recorder that actually seems to work with the Galaxy S3. I've tested out what I thought were top-rated call recorders, even purchased a full-fuction one and had to request a refund. Many require extremely fussy tweaking (I'm not a newbie to smartphones, but the tweaking required is just beyond my level of comfort), or simply do not work at all.

    We do not need or want EVERY call to be recorded, just the ability to hit a button (or I've seen some start when you shake the phone) when she calls (we have her phone number saved, but she does sometimes grab daughter's phone, or will call from another location), or if he has to call her about something and he thinks the conversation will go south. We have a dropbox account, or even a way to email the recordings to an email account is fine.

    Does anyone have experience with a call recording app that works on the S3 and will do what we need? Don't mind paying a few bucks if absolutely necessary, but we want to make sure it will work before we do.
    02-24-2014 07:33 AM

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