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    Ok, so my T-mobile Galaxy s III will not turn on. A few days ago the menu that pops up when the power button is held started to randomly pop up (maybe because of my case?). Then a few days later it started to shut off (no powering down screen). I was always able to get it stated back up by holding the power key for much longer than usual. Then even worse the phone turned off the same way but will not turn back on. Not into download mode or any other mode. I have tried other gs3 batteries and the phone doesn't work. When I attempt to charge my phone with the battery in the phone doesn't display the usual battery screen showing the amount charged. When I plug it into my computer without a battery the red LED is lit but when I plug it into the computer with the battery in it will not show the red LED. Any ideas or should I just give up and get a new phone?
    03-17-2014 06:56 PM

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