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    Hello All,

    For quite some time now I have been having an issue with previewing pictures via MMS when someone will text them to me. There is no rhyme or reason as to why it happens, just some come through and some don't show up at all. ***NOTE For the pics that do come thru, they save as extension .jpg but the ones that don't have extension .jpeg***

    This picture shows up when someone goes to text me a pic and it doesn't come through all the way:
    Issue with Previewing & Showing MMS Pictures-2014-03-20-11.17.40.png

    Then when I go through the gallery to try and view the picture, this picture shows up and I am unable to view in full screen picture, I can only see it on the scrolling bar small size down below:
    Issue with Previewing & Showing MMS Pictures-screenshot-broken.png

    Solutions I have tried:
    I don't have an SD card, so that whole format/reformat issue has not been a problem.
    --Soft reset multiple times
    --Hard reset multiple times
    --Clearing both Gallery and Camera Cache/Data/Force Stop.

    My phone just recently updated itself on the O.S as well for the newest Android Update

    Any help please! So far the only way I can see these pics is to connect my phone to my laptop and transfer them this way, they won't even attach via email, it says "unsupported file".


    03-20-2014 10:27 AM

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