1. urz223's Avatar
    Long story short I dropped my S3 in the bathtub and i left it to dry for about 2 weeks, the screen won't turn on but when i plug it in the red light indicator is on.
    Before I attempt to fix it what are the chances that it survived? Don't want to dump money into somthing that is not worth fixing. Thanks guys.
    04-24-2014 07:20 PM
  2. GSDer's Avatar
    Left it to dry - as in, you took the back off and the battery out and left it sitting?

    The screen won't turn on - as in, it doesn't make any sounds; the soft buttons don't light up; nothing?

    The red indicator light stays on, or just comes on for a second when you connect a charger?

    If there's no sounds, no screen, I'd say save your money.

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    04-25-2014 02:23 AM
  3. urz223's Avatar
    Screen does not turn on or make noise, hidden buttons do not turn on either. Red indicator light stays on while pluged into the charger.
    Was told to scrub the motherboard and components in 99% isopropyl and scrub with a tooth brush and use a can of air to dry it.
    And last to order a new battery, think this could solve the issue?
    04-25-2014 03:57 AM
  4. urz223's Avatar
    and yep i took out the battery and let it sit for 2 weeks
    04-25-2014 04:00 AM
  5. GSDer's Avatar
    I don't think a new battery is going to save it.

    Immersion in a sealed container of uncooked rice for a few days is the usual treatment for a wet phone. Using isopropyl alcohol is usually only necessary if the phone has been soaked in seawater or some other liquid that has corrosive properties; the toothbrush is ok as long as you brush up-and-down, not side-to-side <-- just being silly there; toothbrush is ok.

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    04-26-2014 01:42 AM

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