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    When I plug my Samsung S3 phone into the USB port on my desktop and select media mode (originally, option doesn't come up anymore), it automatically brings up a windows explorer window with the phone and sd card listed in the directory. That's fine, but I can't close the window without it coming back. If I leave it open, it nags me by popping up to the top and taking my keyboard with it. In other words, I can be typing in Word and it will remove me from Word and put my cursor in the S3 directory window. It continues to pop up every 10 seconds or so until I unplug the phone. I only want to charge my phone as I sit at my desk, not necessarily do any file work. I can just plug into an outlet, but it's not convenient and I may want to do file work. Does anyone know how to make this annoying recycling pop-up stop?
    06-16-2014 12:18 PM
  2. GSDer's Avatar
    Are you hearing the disconnect/connect tones from the System Tray when this occurs? If so, it's likely that there's a problem with your cable or the micro-USB port on the phone, which is causing the connection to be broken/restarted, which in turn causes Windows Explorer to automatically restart.

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    06-16-2014 02:44 PM
  3. pitchpocket's Avatar
    No sounds, just bouncing back and forth. The window never closes, it just goes behind the window I'm working on. Then it pops up out in front again and flashes on the task bar until I either close it or do something with it. Even then it's not satisfied, it reopens on it's own or pops back up shortly thereafter.
    06-16-2014 04:03 PM
  4. pitchpocket's Avatar
    Best work-around so far is to use a "charge only" cable that I have.
    06-16-2014 04:57 PM

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