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    I've had Google Voice for several years and I always used the GV app to send/Rx text messages. The app was lame, but it worked well enough for normal SMS and non-MMS messages.

    With the introduction of SMS into Hangouts, somehow GV has taken over my text messaging. I like being able to integrate SMS messages in Hangouts, but when I send messages by default, they send from my GV number instead of my cell#. I use GV for my business and my AT&T provided cell# for friends and family, and I would like to be able to choose between the 2. I don't even care if they are or are not all in Hangouts, but it seems that if I choose "Turn on SMS" in Hangouts, then it sends from my GV number and I never get the option to send from my cell#.

    I'd like the option to choose which number I am texting from through Hangouts. If that isn't possible, then I can turn SMS off in Hangouts, and use the GV app, but I assume that won't let me use my cell# in Hangouts either.

    When I dial a phone number on my phone, it asks me if I want to make the call with or without Google Voice. It'd be nice to have this option for SMS also.
    07-11-2014 01:06 PM

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