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    I've been noticing that when on WiFi in my one bedroom condo, the WiFi indicator shows the signal wavering up and down. I have an older single band (2.4 gHz) Netgear router (WRN3500 v2) and was thinking of replacing it to get better speed via my Comcast 100 mbps connection. During a Samsung tech support chat about the wavering signal, he stated that the S3 only works on one band, but on this page it says dual band: Samsung I9300 Galaxy S III - Full phone specifications

    So the question is does it make sense to upgrade the router and is it normal to see the signal waver a bit. It's always done this since I got the phone over 2 years ago, but I've also had the same router. Does anyone know if the S3 will connect with the 5 gHz band which is supposed to be faster and if so, how to do it? Thanks.
    10-21-2014 01:16 PM
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    From what I read in other forums, the S3 should support 5 GHz. Since you're in a condo, it's likely that there are a lot of other wi-fi routers surrounding you, which means there can be a lot of congestion--this might explain the wavering signal you get. You can analyze what the traffic around you is like by using an app like Wifi Analyzer. The primary advantage of utilizing the 5 GHz band is that there is much less congestion, and throughput can be significantly faster.
    10-22-2014 03:02 AM
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    Thanks much.. I installed the app and am going to switch channels to one less cluttered. Meantime, researching N900 routers, the best reviews go to the Asus RT-N66U which is the one I returned. From what I can tell the QC on this device is hit or miss.. some people seem to love them while there are TONS of issues cited on SmallNetBuilder.. Thanks for the advice.
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    10-22-2014 05:36 PM
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    Just remember that although the 5GHz band supports higher throughout, it has less penetration/range. And unfortunately the S3 doesn't support dual-band usage (you can't combine both the 2.4GHz band and 5GHz band to get even better throughput) so you have to pick one or the other.
    You may find less congestion using the 5GHz band though.

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    10-25-2014 12:08 AM

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