1. Matt Wilks's Avatar
    Anyone having issues with the Kindle app? When I try to open it, it starts to load and then just pushes me back to the home screen. I've rooted my device and removed and reinstalled, but no luck. Any help would be appreciated.

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    06-24-2013 05:28 PM
  2. meyerweb#CB's Avatar
    As a general rule, if an app starts crashing, the first thing to try is going into application manager and clearing the cache for that app, then force stopping the app and restarting it. If that fails, repeat, but this time clear data instead of cache.
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    06-24-2013 06:08 PM
  3. rfcunnin's Avatar
    I had this very same issue with my Kindle app. Check to see if you have "Force GPU Rendering" on in the Advanced section of the Developer Options. I unchecked that and reinstalled the app. Everything worked great afterwards. Hope this helps!
    06-27-2013 07:39 AM
  4. Karin Williams's Avatar
    I am having the same issue with Kindle app crashing. It worked fine up until yesterday. I've tried everything that was suggested so far. Anyone have additional advice? Thanks!
    07-18-2013 06:09 AM
  5. TheoStauffer's Avatar
    I had the same problem on my HTC One (Android 4.1.2 with Sense 5). App was starting, then crashing back to home screen. I tried killing it and deleting all its data, uninstalling and reinstalling, all to no avail. What did help is that I remebered it working before I installed the ifixit.com app. I uninstalled the ifixit app, and the Kindle app was fine after that. I suspect that, although they're supposed to be sandboxed, i.e. each running within its own memory space, that the apps somehow conflict one another. I suspect this could be the case with other people and other apps as well: uninstall all that you installed before the Kindle app stopped working and it might work again.
    07-20-2013 10:58 AM
  6. Sue Rai's Avatar
    You need to goto settings, switch developer options off. Restart phone. The kindle app should work again. Good luck.
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    08-07-2013 03:36 PM
  7. Boberoo's Avatar
    Great solution. However HTC has removed developer options from their newest phones. There is a very short, and very helpful video on yoube with directions on how to restore developer options to the phone:

    Restart the phone, and all should be well.
    09-27-2013 11:27 AM
  8. MarkMessinger's Avatar
    Keep the suggestions coming, since none of these have worked.

    Mine is an HTC One where the Kindle app ( was working great until last week. When the OTA update to Android 4.3 was applied to my unrooted Developer Edition phone, the Kindle app stopped working.

    I've uninstalled and reinstalled it. Forced the app to stop and wiped it's data and cache. Turned off the Developer features (the app started crashing immediately after the update to Android 4.3, before I had even enabled the Developer features). My Force GPU rendering is set to "off".

    Thanks for any more suggestions.
    09-29-2013 12:18 PM
  9. MarkMessinger's Avatar
    I got it.

    Mine is the HTC One Developer Edition. Android 4.3.

    I discovered, if I turn off the Developer settings, then reboot the phone, the Developer settings are automatically turned back on.

    With that background, here are the steps I performed, which got the Kindle app running on my phone:

    1. On the Amazon website, I made sure my phone was deregistered.

    2. I removed any Kindle app from the phone.

    3. I turned the Developer settings off.

    4. I restarted the phone.

    5. Turned the Developer settings off, again.

    6. Reinstalled the Kindle app, from the Google Play Store.

    7. The app ran correctly and I was able to register the phone, at which point my library synced as normal. I confirmed I can open and navigate books. When I close them, the app correctly syncs my farthest location.

    8. I closed the app and found I could turn the Developer settings back on and the Kindle app runs fine.
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    10-05-2013 07:45 PM
  10. Alice Schumm's Avatar
    Thank you to Sue Rai and Mark...
    Apparently, the "Trick" is to disable the Developer options... I didn't need to do Mark's detailed steps, but I did add it to my Favorites in case, the issue rears its ugly head again.

    Thank you both... This problem has been annoying, to say the least!
    I had installed a zillion apps which could have caused the problem, so the "Developer Options" is a great find, saving me a lot of work.

    Thanks again.
    07-28-2014 11:19 AM
  11. Jon_Doh's Avatar
    I have Developer options off on both my HTC One and Nexus 7 and the app crashes constantly. It began with the last update and I think there is a bug in it.
    08-21-2014 10:13 AM
  12. Mike Silverfox's Avatar
    The thing is the App should work irrespective of Developer Options settings

    I have multiple other apps on my phone all work fine with Developer options enabled. Some from corporate app stores require Developer Options to be enabled - so turning them off is not really an option.

    Amazon need to pull their fingers out and sort this problem once and for all
    04-13-2016 07:40 AM

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