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    Is this old stuff because I cannot find a thread for them. The sim card needs to be removed from its cheesy little holder and reseated. That cured it for now but the icon popped up for a second and then went away just yesterday. How long until it does it again?
    I believe the htc.bgp thing is related to that worthless persistent piece of **** "power saver" app that you cannot delete or disable, at least with a stock phone. The only (trial and error cause I am not dumb, just not a tekkie) thing that seems to keep that thing off of my notification bar ( I hate crap on my bar for no reason) is to deselect the 4 submenus (CPU Power, Display, Vibration, Data Connection) and yet still leave the "Power saver" turned "on" (I know right). Hell it doesn't even engage until you drop to 15% anyway. If you wanna save battery, just leave "Sleep mode" on (selected at bottom of same page for Power saver).

    The Power saver icon still comes back on my notification bar periodically but I cannot figure out how else to kill the stupid thing. And yes, when it comes back, It is usually accompanied by the htc.com.bgp crash message. All in all HTC one rocks out as a phone but that cheese **** sim card holder is embarrassingly flimsy...any thoughts?
    09-23-2013 07:29 PM

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