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    I received my phone back from htc for repair to the camera (low light photos were purple issue ) and now the camera will not function with my checking deposit app. After approx 15 attempts to photograph a check, it only worked once. It will not focus when tapped and clicking the shutter results in a black screen in the place of the finished photo. I'm at&t and haven't received the update yet but the os was restored at the repair facility with android 4.3 software # 3.17.502.3

    Htc suspects the new hardware (camera) or an incremental update may have created compatibility issues with the chase app.
    Chase, of course, thinks the problem is with htc. Either way, chase opened a ticket for a developer to look into it. I would reccommend anyone else having this problem should contact Chase Mobile Banking Support at chasemobilesupport@emailonline.chase.com
    02-04-2014 11:18 AM

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