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    This is one of the stranger things that have ever happened to my phones. Been android loyal since eclair and always have had great luck with the cameras through the years. I felt that the HTC one S had an amazing camera. Now with my HTC One (M7) the past year has been solid. Recently, however, the camera has been doing a real quirky thing. Pre sense 6, when i loaded the camera it would come on visually sideways no matter if i were in landscape or portrait. But when i took the photo and view it in the gallery it comes out perfect portrait. I literally just took the hit and got used to a sideways camera for a few months, sadly. Today though, I just updated to the sense 6 and the good news is that in landscape mode, the camera works phenomenally. But when i turn it right side up to portrait the camera shuts off and the screen is just black until it move it back into landscape where it turns back on and works great. I'm happy to not have a sideways camera phone anymore but does anyone know what it could be that cause my phone to now work at all in portrait now? It seems that the new sense update is handling whatever is wrong with my camera/phone in a different manner. Any tips or solutions? If i put rotation lock on, neither portrait nor landscape work and its just a blank screen. If i restart my phone, it works in portrait mode for about five seconds and then just shuts off (in previous sense 5.5 *as of yesterday*, it would be rightside up and perfect and then after 5 seconds it would just flip on its own sideways visually. Any insights or ideas what could be wrong? All info is welcome. Thanks everyone!
    06-04-2014 09:15 PM

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