1. Gauravmex's Avatar
    I have HTC one AT&T version ,but i got it unlocked .Last time i updated my phone manually to 4.3 .because since starting i am not getting any on air update.Now again i found an official lollipop update on HTC website.

    I have downloaded ROM 7.23.502.1.But i have tried several times and everytime its shwoing the error message 155.I was checking the explanation for this error.

    ERROR [155~159]: IMAGE ERROR
    One of these error messages will appear when you use the incorrect RUU to update and the image file size is larger than the Flash ROM size. In this case, download the correct RUU version and try again.

    If anyone can help me to fix this issue ,will be highly appreciable.
    05-09-2015 09:53 PM
  2. Rukbat's Avatar
    Download the image file and the RUU file from sites that show the MD5 or the SHA1 of the file. Then calculate the MD5 or SHA1 of the file you downloaded (there are loads of free programs for that) and make sure they match. If they don't, download the file again.
    05-09-2015 11:45 PM
  3. Gauravmex's Avatar
    how can i get MD5 or SHA1 ?? Just to mention that my phone is not rooted.Just SIM unlocked.
    05-10-2015 01:56 AM
  4. Layearby's Avatar
    I have the same exact problem. Looks like I"m a year late. Did anyone every figure this out?
    07-17-2016 04:46 PM

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