1. saleemyas3's Avatar
    I rooted for the first time using the ace hack kit, and now

    1. I lost all my apps and settings, will i be able to get that back?
    2. It won't let me connect to my google account, it says that i can't establish a reliable connection... what do i do?
    3. on the big HTC clock/weather, it wont show me my location or the weather.

    i just wanted to root to install sense 3.0

    EDIT: flashed the rom and it dixed 2 and 3. still no number 1
    08-05-2011 01:13 AM
  2. ttlphotography's Avatar
    while i havent rooted my phone yet, if i understand correctly, you will lose all the apps and settings on your phone while rooting. However, your apps and such should be associated with your google acct and should be able to get those back on the phone by using the acct that you originally had linked on your device. Any other google acct wont work, it has to be the same acct prior to rooting.
    As for the settings, unless you used titanium backup or a similar app, and saved everything before you did the root process, you will have to re-do all the settings manually unfortunately.
    08-05-2011 12:57 PM
  3. tonycard's Avatar
    I just rooted a couple of days ago and the same thing happened. It's not a huge issue for me yet as far as the contacts since I get most back from google. Most apps I'm able to get back on the app market under my apps. As far as the connection issue I fixed it by flashing another rom. I just realized there's an edit that you fixed that. good luck
    08-05-2011 03:25 PM
  4. Thors Gal's Avatar
    When I rooted I backed everything up to my SD card and removed it. Then I used a gold card to root. I do all updates with the sd card that is my gold card after I back up on my every day sd card. That way the back up is used to restore my apps and setting and the contacts are on google. Also some of the settings you had before might not be the same after rooting. But once you get a rom you like they seem to work if you stick with the same rom. At least for me. You connection issue might mean you need to reinstall your rom/radio/kernal.

    Good luck,
    Thor's Gal
    08-06-2011 12:22 PM