1. mikegentile's Avatar
    I was curious with Siri being the latest thing, if anyone was running a voice command app like google's voice action app or a similar third party app on their inspire? If so how does it work? Is it responsive and correct? Does the inspire have the processing power for the app? Do you recommend it? Thanks
    10-23-2011 10:06 AM
  2. datdo0d's Avatar
    Not too long after the ios5 release a developer named dexetra thought it would be fun to give siri and android spin and 8 hours later iris was born hhaha. within the first couple of days after release there were 2 updates that improved the functionality of it all like messages web search and such. Lately its been a bit weird but I'm sure an update with a bug fix is well on its way. And remember It's still in the alpha stage so it's not gonna be perfect, but it's very promising so head over the market and give it a try :-)
    10-23-2011 12:44 PM
  3. tomc1944's Avatar
    Tried Iris and reallr like it. If you keep in mind that it is a work in progress it is fun.
    10-23-2011 06:10 PM