1. rjbx's Avatar
    Hey sorry to be a bother but im not big on trying to fix phones.

    I started a thread earlier about how i couldnt send mms messages just receive them. I was informed to check with tmobile for the apn (I am using an unlocked inspire on the tmobile network). To make a long story short, i went to the tmobile store and let a guy fool around with it, not only did he delete the orginal apn on the phone and try to add a tmobile apn, but now i cannot send nor receive mms messages.

    My question is how can i recover or install my original apn? The original apn is "Telkila" thats all i remember, any help would be appreciated. thanks
    01-09-2012 04:39 PM
  2. smokinHawk's Avatar
    i dont know how to do the original, i think you have to enter it all manually if its unlocked.
    i know the stock one from at&t will come up on the inspire, but since your using tmobile that wont work.
    i would just put in the apn i gave you in the other thread, manually entering it.
    if it works go with it is what i always say.
    01-10-2012 11:18 AM