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    On Monday, my phone went flat. I tried charging it, but I was having some trouble so did not use my phone the whole day. Got back home and tried charging it again. It charged fully, but then the problems began. Every time I switch it on I am bombarded with errors and force close messages. I can use my mail app, phone app, message app, reader app change settings, basically any app provided by HTC. But I cant use any Google app or any Downloaded App, basically any app at all that is not an HTC app. Even services like the google framework service do not work. I tried factory resetting my phone both in bootloader and via the settings and all that happens is that the phone freezes on the HTC logo. I've tried going into recovery, but the red triangle of death is all I see. My phone has never been rooted as far as I know, but it is second hand so I am not completely sure.

    This is the info have in bootloader:

    Feb 20 2012, 16:03:18

    Please keep in mind I am runnng linux mint 11 on my computer.
    My future thanks to anyone willing to help.

    I tried leaving my phone on and eventually my whatsapp, google play and the other apps I could not use were working, but then some of the htc apps stopped working. Later in the day my whatsapp kept freezing up so I tried uninstalling so I could reinstall it. When I tried to uninstall it the phone rebooted and froze on the white htc logo again. I rebooted the phone again and the whatsapp app wasn't uninstalled and it no longer worked, leaving me where I was in the beginning. I've tried using the RUU on it, but it acted the same way as it does when I try to do a factory reset.
    08-24-2013 02:30 AM

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