1. Shad0w26's Avatar
    I currently have a BlackBerry Torch and I just can't take it anymore. I'm completely bored of this phone.

    I've always wanted an Android but AT&T never had good Android phones.. until now.

    I'm still debating whether to get the Inspire or Atrix. One of the big features I'm looking for is the front-facing camera. Does the Inspire 4G have a front-facing camera?
    01-18-2011 03:31 PM
  2. Edge1978's Avatar
    The Inspire sadly does not have a front facing camera
    01-18-2011 04:50 PM
  3. estebancam's Avatar
    I would recommend the atrix. I am not an ATT customer, but I will tell you that the atrix is the most powerful phone announced. Also, I have a beef with htc devices. The more I use them, the least I like them and the more I notice how cheap they really are. They use the lowest cost components available in the market ie qualcomm processor (horrible gpu and HORRIBLE power consumption), no gorilla glass, low quality camera, etc. the only thing htc has right is the software. And they push updates rather quickly. Go with the atrix. Its a much better hardware.
    01-20-2011 12:25 AM
  4. Stephen Nicholas's Avatar
    The HTC Inspire has no front facing camera, but, it's rear facing camera I have found to be exceptional. It certainly is not low quality, as is described above.... It has Gorilla glass 1st generation....(I've had the phone 2 years & GG 2nd generation has come out, but, have had no issue w/ Gen. 1 chipping, cracking, or breaking, though I have it in Platinum holster case w/ face-in design, & I have dropped several times & while I had to "Super Glue" a small crack on the front of the case; A result of it doing its job upon impact from an accidental drop onto concrete, from about 4-5 feet, I'm still using the original case I purchased when I purchased the phone, though the spring in they holster is getting noticeably weaker. There is no real issue with battery life, unless some apps are installed that keep the phone on in order to perform whatever function its designed to do. I keep mine set for a screen timeout of 30 secs. & If it goes off & stays of for 2 mins., I have to unlock it w/ a pw, a minor sacrifice for the longer battery life. The point is that many apps that people install ares battery intensive. Of course, turning off wifi when not using it is another battery lifesaving strategy.... I find the Qualcomm Snapdragon S2 MSM8255 chip & the single core, 1ghz Scorpion processor, the Adreno 205 graphics processor, the 768 mb ram & 4 gb internal storage more than adequate, especially w/ the 16 gb microSD card, on which most things are stored, more than adequate.... I'd upgrade to the 32 gig microSDHC if I stored more graphical or video content or music, even; but haven't yet had the need & I constantly am photographing images of documents for later review &/or rastorization (I am a criminal defense trial attorney) & have yet to run out of storage, The processor is fast enough for the multi~ tasking I do every day, all day long, the graphics rendering is outstanding, & it streams audio & video content seamlessly, w/ very infrequent interruption e.
    01-04-2013 02:20 PM