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    I'm just plain confused. I get that HSPA+ is non existent in most areas (is it really "on" anywhere?). But why is the Inspire performingly so sluggishly on the regular 3G networks? It's the same story for the Atrix. There's an obvious connection here.

    But if the phone's not even connecting to AT&T's "4G" shouldn't it at least perform the same as other 3G phones with similar specs? The limitations of these phone's upload speeds are well documented at this point but that doesn't explain what's happening on the download side of things. This is unacceptable....what have they done to these two phones?! Phones capable of the next generations capabilities shouldn't perform poorly on the current tech and that seems to be the case.

    Thanks in advance, good peoples.
    03-14-2011 12:13 AM
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    i didn't think '4g' was even available from at&t yet? my last speedtest score was 1 meg upload. that's faster than my cable modem at home, so i'm ok with that.
    03-14-2011 07:16 AM
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    my inspire is as fast as my iphone 3gs for download and upload speed.
    03-14-2011 07:54 AM
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    I can't contest your individual experiences and I'm glad you guys are having success! However, my experience has been quite different and it appears, from reading this and other forums, that people are regularly finding slower download speeds on their Inspire (and friend/competitor/"4G" cohort, the Atrix). Whether that's determined by individual's own speed tests or from just knowledge of how fast their previous phone was. I can say that i am watching it lag behind a hapless BB Torch. Last night i sat at a restaurant and watched my Inspire struggle to hold onto Edge while my Torch (one of the most annoying smartphones ever made) stayed connected to 3G and moved fairly fast through websites.
    Of course I could have a bad unit but how many times does that have to be proposed before we accept that something is just not right with the AT&T HSPA+ phones. It's not in my nature to complain but I feel like the evidence is becoming somewhat overwhelming. Sad too because the Inspire is a fantastic phone. Definitely my favorite AT&T Android offering to date.
    03-14-2011 09:32 AM
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    I've experienced the same issue from time to time, with the phone showing H+ and network showing connected to HSDPA, yet it seems like it doesn't want to load at more than a snails pace. However, it's not all the time, and sometimes in the same setting websites load plenty quick, e-mail accounts refresh in a matter of seconds, etc. I had the same issue with my iPhone 4, where sometimes it shows 5 bars of 3G and yet it still would take ages to load a page, and other times where it loads without issue. I'm just not a fan of AT&T's network. I don't think it's the phones themselves, I just think their network is either overburdened, glitchy, or something (I don't live in a major city where I'd expect high use, though it's not rural country living either so who knows).
    03-14-2011 10:14 AM
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    Check out this article. It's not true 4G basically.


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    03-14-2011 11:03 AM
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    Correct and an excellent read.
    What's so troubling is that since the fake or soft 4G isn't even up yet the phone doesn't have that network to connect to and thus any problems that many appear to be facing are occurring on the 3G networks we're all accustomed to. That to me is what's bothersome. When 3G became the norm I don't recall newer phones performing poorly on the previous generation of networks...make sense? I apologize for flogging this poor dead horse. I just want to see if anyone can theorize why we are seeing these issues. Folks are paying for newer, more powerful devices and in return getting worse performance than they originally had.
    I wonder if it'd be appropriate to cross post in the Atrix forum as well? My feeling is that what we're seeing is clearly a network issue, and from a consumer's standpoint, a very troubling one.
    03-14-2011 01:41 PM
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    I wonder how long and what network will be the first to throw out the term "5G"?
    03-14-2011 08:33 PM