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    Hi All--

    I installed Swype beta per Skroll's instructions (thanks so much for that!), and it worked great for about a week and a half. Then it stopped--it gave me a message that said something along the lines of "Your trial has expired--download the real Swype now."

    Only there doesn't appear to BE any real Swype yet (appears to still be in beta), and if there were, I'm not sure how to install it--would I use the same sneaky sideloading steps as for the beta, just opening a different link? Could I skip some of the previous steps? Or would this require a completely new process requiring some kind developer to write a completely new installation app?

    I'm a floundering noob here, but I'd really like to get Swype back up. Any suggestions?


    03-14-2011 03:14 PM
  2. thinksInCode's Avatar
    Have you perhaps rebooted your phone? Every time you reboot the Inspire, Swype doesn't want to cooperate.

    This is what you can try: Go to a text field, long press, select Input method, and select the default multitouch keyboard. Then long press again, Select Input method, and select Swype again. Then it should work.

    This is what I have to do every time, anyway. Good luck!
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    03-15-2011 12:02 AM
  3. nystromproductions's Avatar
    I would just recommend searching for "slide it" in the android marketplace, try out the trial, one day already and I like it better than the swype I spent 2 hours installing.
    03-15-2011 12:27 AM