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    I have been bouncing between my Aria and WP7 Focus for about 3 months. Last week I decided it was time to go Android all the time and yesterday I picked up an Inspire. So far I am loving it.

    My Aria had a default wallpaper I used. I think the name was Carbon Fiber. I like it and want it on my Inspire but it is not there. It is available in lots of downloads. But I have no idea how to get the phone to recognize and display it. Can some one either tell me how or link me to a DYI article?

    03-27-2011 07:56 AM
  2. androidcore's Avatar
    Being an old school techie, I would rip it from the phone itself. Root the Aria and get the root app "root explorer". Find the wallpaper on the Aria. Then copy/paste it to your sd card or just simply email yourself the wallpaper pic. Now get on inspire... go to email. Download attachment pic (it will auto save go downloads folder on inspire sd card. . Set as wallpaper.. walla... :-)

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    03-27-2011 08:09 AM
  3. HalM's Avatar
    Thanks AndroidCore!
    03-27-2011 09:02 AM