1. Dilrod's Avatar
    Likes.. Camera is very sharp and takes excellent pictures.
    Great screen quality via the Amoled and movies look super crisp.
    Battery life is really nice. It's a 1750mAh
    Screen seems bigger than 4.5, especially when compared to my Inspire.
    Fits well in my pocket.
    Very responsive touch screen.

    Dislikes. The battery cover. It is super thin and just pops into place. Wish it was more like the captivate.
    The samsung interface (luckily can be changed). I'm not big on side scrolling menus. I like the inspires stock menu system.

    Toss up: how light the phone is. Sometimes I forget it's even in my pocket, or it feels like a toy. Other times it just seems to be right. Hard to explain.
    05-13-2011 07:43 PM
  2. Dilrod's Avatar
    Oops wrong board.
    05-13-2011 07:45 PM
  3. pazzo02's Avatar
    Oops wrong board.
    Yeah, you're just trying to make Inspire owners second guess themselves.
    05-13-2011 08:40 PM