1. JmeC8's Avatar
    I just got my Inspire yesterday and I'm learning how to use it in my free time. I'm not very literate as far as technology and cell phone/android/smartphone talk goes, so maybe I've read the answers but didn't comprehend it to know that it was an answer.

    So far I only have 2 big concerns:

    1) Is there anyway to unlock the screen without pressing the power button?

    2) I charged my phone completely last night, but while I was sleeping the battery died. What happened? I thought I killed my apps, but is there a way to know for sure? Is there a good app to use to do this?


    P.S. What is rooting?

    05-19-2011 03:34 PM
  2. pazzo02's Avatar
    You do not need to use any app killing apps with Froyo and higher. Using them will actually cause more problems. The system will manage the apps the way they should be. Juice defender is a good app to help manage battery life, albeit very minimally.

    It will take a few full charges to get the maximum life out of the battery, and the life leaves much to be desired. Make sure your screen brightness is either on auto or no more than maybe 50%. Widgets, live wallpapers, frequent syncing will all wreak havoc on your battery life. At first I was getting very frustrated with the limited battery life, but as you get used to it and get all the settings tweaked to your liking, it will improve.

    Considering the power button is the only button on the phone other than volume, it is the only way to wake (and sleep) the screen. I know it's small and almost flush, but you'll get used to it. I came from the iPhone and I've gotten used to it.
    05-19-2011 04:49 PM
  3. puquak's Avatar
    I've tried the "Fix Broken Power Button" app, but prefer dealing with the power button than the app.

    05-20-2011 04:09 PM