1. mette's Avatar
    so i've decided to possibly give the inspire another try after having had it 3 days prior and returning it.
    i returned it because at the time i had 2 dropped calls back to back and had trouble seeing the screen outside. now that i've been reading more user reviews i'm thinking maybe i may have caused the dropped calls by having hit my cheek up against it. oh and the battery was another issue.

    started with a bb, inspire then went back to bb. since going back to bb (torch) i have noticed that my battery is really no different, that too does not last a full day on any given day.

    mainly use phone for calls, camera, video recording, moderate texting and occasional web browsing
    not worrying about the newer phones being released.

    i know initially there were problems with phone upon release, is it fair to say most have been resolved through over the air updates?

    for those whom have had their inspires for over a month (let's just say) are you happy with it now?
    i would love to hear from you.

    voice guided directions from google for free?

    what would be a good car charger and wall charger you would recommend from your experience?

    i will be getting it wednesday most likely if i can just get some of these questions answered from experienced inspire users. thanks in advance.
    05-23-2011 11:49 AM
  2. homescrub's Avatar
    Been happy with it since the first day it came out. First Android phone, and been able to root it and do what i want with it.

    its been a blessing to be honest.
    05-23-2011 12:16 PM
  3. killingwthasmile's Avatar
    I recently fixed up a Torch that had a broken screen to use as my work phone. They are great phones but I believe the Inspire is superior for my uses.

    The Inspire obviously outshines in the camera and internet browsing, but honestly if your main usage is for phone calls I would pick a BlackBerry over anything else.

    How important are pictures/video recording and internet browsing to you? If they're not really important I think your best bet would be to stick with the Torch or maybe get on an 9780 if you prefer a physical keyboard. The Torch keyboard is okay but it being recessed is a bit of an issue for me and its not as large as the non slider Bold keyboards.

    If they are important to you I would go with the Inspire. The keyboard is large enough (especially in landscape) to keep anyone happy and virtually mistake free, and of course there are always other keyboard alternatives available in the app store. The call quality is good enough but doesn't beat the BB. The camera takes GREAT pictures and video in comparison to the Torch. The stock internet browser on Android lost me as a fan (but it definitely beat BB's); however just like the keyboard there are several different browser options to meet your needs. On my device I have Stock, Miren, FireFox, Skyfire, Opera, Dolphin mini and HD, and Boat. Do they all get used? No, but i like having the variety as some render things differently than others.

    Another big difference for me, is the piece of crap known as BlackBerry App World. To put it plainly it sucks in comparison with both the Android Market and now the Amazon App Store.
    05-23-2011 12:57 PM
  4. mette's Avatar
    making calls are important to me, camera/video/web just as important.
    bb app world does kinda suck. i find myself using the touch screen more often than not with the bb.

    guess getting used to android os would take some getting used to. it has been a while since i've owned one, so much has changed it seems.

    thank you both for your reply's.
    05-23-2011 03:18 PM
  5. pazzo02's Avatar
    I've had the Inspire since day 3 and at this point I am very happy with it. At first the battery life was infuriating, but when you're playing with it nonstop, what do you expect?

    As far as charging accessories, I bought a car charger at Sam's Club for $17 (because I saw it, not because I was looking for it). Check out Amazon. There, I got a stock HTC charger for $5(same as what it comes with, but listed as being for Thunderbolt), and some extra micro USB cords for $1.50 each(Blackberry branded).
    05-23-2011 06:07 PM