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    I recently compared the signal strength of my white G2, with an Incipio Feather Case, to the signal strength of a display model at an at&t store. My phone was getting 108 dBm while the display was at 98 dBm. The next day I returned to the store and compared them again without a case on my phone. Both were at 98. In the process of doing this I noticed that the G2 gets a better signal when you are not holding it. It seems to suffer from the same antenna issues as the iPhone 4.

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    11-01-2013 04:47 AM
  2. mrsmumbles's Avatar
    Unrelated to the G2 (sorry!) I notice my lg optimus f7 downloads faster when I don't hold it. The problem then is I don't catch stalled downloads as soon.

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    11-01-2013 05:54 AM
  3. jaj324's Avatar
    Unrelated to the G2 but relevant to my point.

    I've been carrying my G2 without a case for 2 days now and I can really tell a difference in the LTE signal.
    11-01-2013 08:02 AM
  4. oal's Avatar
    I just tried mine here and found that the signal went up by ~2db with the case one but went up ~5db when i touched the phone and ~10db when i held it.

    11-05-2013 10:51 PM

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