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    I've had my G2 for a couple months and I want to just throw it at the wall and take my iPhone 3GS (yes, 3, not 4, not 5) back and be done with it because I'm not shelling out the bucks for another phone until I'm totally familiar with it instead of relying on the thought it should be great because it is new. Like others have mentioned, I have no extra apps, no sync, no email, nothing hooked up on this phone and it gets a full business day before it is on its last leg with light usage (maybe 1-2 hour talk, 1 hour surf). If I fall asleep early before I put it on charge it will be dead by morning and I will miss my alarm and sleep in and be in trouble... iPhone even after like 4 years of use would still make it through the night and late into next day before needing to go on charge. I don't know if it is not intuitive enough to turn off data/wifi/bt when it is not in use or what is sucking down the juice, but it sucks.

    The other thing that is killing me is the lack of notifications. People on Galaxy's apparently have notifications, but I can't get anything except in that drop down that I never look at it because it is always filled with garbage it seems like. On my iPhone when someone text'd it would show up even if it was locked, at least who the text was from. And, it was light the screen and ding again every several minutes a couple times to remind you in case you were away or it was too loud to hear. Same thing for reminders/calendar alerts. But on G2 all I get is a dainty dink and the only way you would know what was going on is if that "dink" you heard registered in your mind that "Oh, let me unlock the phone, go to the top bar, slide it down, look for something on there and see if there is something I should pay attention too"... not a notice showing up on the main screen that hey "You set this reminder for this super important appointment". I have missed more appts than it has reminded me of... in fact, I don't think it has actually reminded me of a single appt, the only reason I don't miss them all is because I am constantly reminding myself because I can't rely on the phone. When I go into the calendar to set a reminder there is a drop-down next the "how many minutes before" input where you think it would have multiple options but the only option is "notification"... I don't use the notification bar... isn't there any other option, like a "Reminder" or "Alert" that takes over your screen until you dismiss it like the alarm clock for instance?

    Text messages... I haven't even got around to trying to find a txt replacement but the built in SMS app is terrible IMO. Why it always starts at the beginning of the conversation when I open up a text thread and have to scroll through dozens of messages to get to the bottom to write a new message I will never understand.

    I am the exact opposite of an Apple fan. I am developer by trade and don't own a single piece of Apple gear, but that phone handled everything I need because I am on the go with a notebook or netbook I don't use my phone extensively as a device, but in terms of being alerted properly to missed calls, txt msgs and alerts/reminders the iPhone was very good at that and with the G2 I only get notified by happenstance.

    I've read you can change lockscreen to display certain data on it but in the settings I don't have that option on mine.

    Anyways, pretty disappointed with this phone. As much as I like to hack on stuff the phone is not one of them. I have way bigger fish to fry than to spend time hacking on the phone for core features like battery life, alerts that actually alert you, etc. I'm hoping I can salvage this thing nonetheless with some feedback.
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    01-29-2014 09:27 PM
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    Welcome to Android Central! Sorry you're getting so frustrated by your phone. Your battery life does not sound normal, but it would help to see the full battery stats when you're low. See if you can post a screenshot of the battery stats in Settings>Battery. To take a screenshot, press and hold the Power and Vol Down buttons at the same time for about half a second. Posting screenshots is still not easy to do on the AC app, so I suggest uploading the screenshot to Google Drive, then downloading it to your computer, and then using the AC Forums website to attach the screenshot (it's the icon right below the smileyface, and to the right of the little globes).

    In the meantime, this guide might be helpful: http://forums.androidcentral.com/amb...ving-tips.html

    With regard to notifications, if you prefer the iOS way, there are a number of apps in Google Play that mimic it. Here's one: Lock Screen Notifications. Here's another one that turns the screen on with each notification: Screen Notifications.

    Remember that you can also change your Notifications tone and volume to something more noticeable in the System Settings menu.
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    01-29-2014 09:38 PM
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    I can add to this, but I will need a minute...
    01-29-2014 09:46 PM
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    Post these screenshots please.

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    01-29-2014 09:49 PM
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    Battery life on my G2 has been great. I usually get around 30 hrs with 7-9 hrs screen on. You might have a wakelock issue that's causing the rapid idle discharge. Try wakelock detector to identify any potential problems. Disabling carrier IQ may also help improve battery life.

    There are several options for notifications. You can use whatever sound you want for a notification and also use the LED to show if you missed a text, call, calendar event, etc. I suggest using Google calendar to schedule appointments. Google Now can also be used to set reminders.

    The LG messaging app can be set to have a notification go off every 2 or 5 min. until you view the message. There's also an option to show pop up text message. If you still don't like the LG app, then I suggest textra or Contacts+ (turns screen on) . Both work better than the LG app.

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    01-29-2014 10:49 PM
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    For notifications I've been really happy with Dynamic Notifications from the app store

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    01-29-2014 10:56 PM
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    For notifications I've been really happy with Dynamic Notifications from the app store
    With the combination of Nils and Widgetlocker you can closely replicate the IOS notifications on the lockscreen. It takes a little work to set them up, but it works well.
    01-30-2014 10:45 AM
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    Thanks for tips all. After some poking I was able to find in the Calendar settings you can switch the notification type to "Pop-up", not sure why that wouldn't be the default style but oh well. I try those apps to get more iOS style alerts like was mentioned. I will also get a screenshot on the battery consumption and post it. Crazy week this week and the G2 had definitely not been making my life easier with 2 missed conference calls despite having reminders set. When I set a reminder I want it to be invasive like a alarm clock and make me disable it, lol. Hopefully this will help it.

    Don't get me wrong, photos, surfing, speed all these things are great with the phone but the core features I use alerts, reminders, talk/txt have been less than desirable. When I first got the phone no one could talk to me on it because they would hear their own voice reverb'ing back at them. After several reboots it went away for the most part but still once in a while happens randomly.

    What is the consensus on one of the better SMS apps out there right now? Not a fan of the built in one, and can't put my finger on exactly why outside the annoying "feature" of having to scroll to the end of the thread every time I open an existing conversation.
    01-30-2014 04:27 PM
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    I've tried a few and have settled on Textra, due to its group messaging reliability.

    posted from LG G2
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    02-26-2014 09:11 AM
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    Textra seems to be the smoothest and the one I can't find a better one than

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    03-02-2014 09:16 PM
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    I love Hangouts.

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    03-03-2014 12:57 PM
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    Whenever I'm having issues w/ my G2's battery life:

    Charge phone to 100% capacity . Then, with phone still plugged in, hold power button down and select "Power Off and Restart". Let the phone do it's thing, then you're good to go! Make sure you leave it plugged in while you restart it.
    I think if you let your battery get too low, it can kind of forget where 100% charge is (cause the battery is designed to stop charging once it's at 100%.) So by charging it all the day and restarting it, I think it helps the battery re-learn where fully charged is.

    Hope this helps! Has worked for me every time.

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    04-09-2014 11:47 PM

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