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    Have Fixed 2 Cracked Screens Now I Have This Screen Issue!-sam_1440.jpg

    So after my LG fell less than a foot onto a bamboo matt I hadn't noticed the tiniest hairline crack at the top of the device until I turned the screen on & saw the woman on it telling me there's a screen issue & to use the back buttons to navigate. Well I tried it didn't work, she disappeared & then my screen lock came back on & of course couldn't put in my code to unlock it. I couldn't believe that such a tiny crack would completely make my phone unable to use in any capacity?!? I wish I had known this was an issue with the LG G2's, but I bought it in the fall so there wasn't any mention b/c it was so new. You can drop & spiderweb crack an iPhone & still use it, heck every phone pretty much except this one! I went to a store in Chicago that said they fixed screens for this phone on their website & would cost close to the amount I paid for it, ugh! I went there & was told oh no we don't have that screen it's to new of a phone, then stop advertising you do. So I went to AT&T & bought a different phone & hated it so I went back to the same store since they said they'd give me a loaner until the screen came in, but by then they had it. Luckily they took $50 off from the original quote. I had ordered a screen on Amazon during all this & was supposed to get it in 3 days well it never showed & there was no tracking # so I emailed them a not so nice one so they gave me a refund & low & behold still sent me the screen.

    I went to pick up my phone & was going to sell them the screen I got from Amazon but they tried lowballing me & then I thought if this screen cracked that easly it's going to happen again! Fast forward maybe a little under 2 months & walking out of my building the wind was so strong that it blew a package in one hand & my phone in the other right out of them. The phone landed face down (yes I had a cover for it, it came open) onto the jagged snow & ice...I knew immediately without looking that puppy was cracked & sure enough a pretty decent one. So I decided to fix it myself...I looked on YouTube & only found 2 vidoes at that time so I went with the short one, big mistake, it didn't work. So I stepped away from it for a few hours came back watched a much more indepth & extremely tedious video, and after 2hrs I had actually put a new LCD & digitizer screen on my phone & it worked!

    Now onto this new problem has anyone had this happen, if so any fixes without having to replace the screen again? I'm wondering if I take it apart again and press the digitizer harder against the phone which by the way is done with tape...Really LG tape that it might fix it?!? I refuse to buy anymore screens or LG phones if there aren't any suggestions without doing that I've got an unlock code coming for an old but at least very durable myTouch Q. Thanks for any suggestions. Oh one last thing since the upgrade I have the same complaints as most. The one that drives me nuts is full bars & WiFi connection but can't send or receive texts, called support they weren't any help!
    04-23-2014 01:43 PM

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