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    I'm having an issue with my G2 that I haven't found a fix yet. When I have Wifi on, MMS won't send. Data and Wifi on, MMS sometime sends. Only Data on, the MMS almost always sends. I would like to send MMS when just Wifi is on, because I've seen that the G2 is supposed to do that, but I haven't got it to work. At the least I would like to send and receive MMS every time with Data and Wifi on. Does anyone have a fix for this issue? I'd rather not root, as I have only had my G2 for a month and I don't want to void my warranty. Thanks, in advance.

    I'm on the LG G2 D800. Not rooted. Kit Kat update.

    (Update) I've been using Textra, and when I have wifi on, the MMS still won't send or receive them, even when I have it set to auto-obtain.
    05-09-2014 04:43 PM

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