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    Does anyone else have this problem? Recently I've started using the default music app more and more leaving Spotify to collect dust. The only complaint I have about the default Music App is that it doesn't show all album art. It's a bit frustrating because I can't figure out why is wont show some album art, but it will show others. Granted, it does show majority of the cover arts, but it bugs me that I can't get it to show for all songs/albums.

    1. I've tried deleting the songs that don't have their cover art and redownloading them to no prevail.
    2. I've downloaded the missing cover art to my computer, sent it to my phone, and have manually changed the missing cover art to some songs.
    A. It will not allow me to change the cover art of all songs. When I try with some songs I get a message saying "Unable to edit cover art due to file error"
    B. It will let me manually change some songs. Even then, the cover art, no matter what the resolution is when I downloaded, is poor quality.

    I have around 100 songs on my LG G2. Most of them were downloaded from Amazon and the rest from Itunes. I have downloaded other Music Apps such as DoubleTwist and PowerAmp. The problem is the same on other music apps.

    Can anyone help resolve this problem?
    09-24-2014 12:56 PM
  2. Joey Nam's Avatar
    Okay I was in your situation with both my G & G Flex, after a day I figured out why, I got it.
    Use the tool Creevity MP3 Cover Downloader on ur desktop, then point to your music folder to add it to the software, it's kind a little bug here on the software that u have to point the mouse to the white field under the mp3 file name line to make it shows, then find the ALBUM box, then type in anything you want (remember don't make them duplicated-different album name for different file). You can also edit artist/title and get Album cover automatically/ manually for each mp3 file u want with HD. If you have a hundred songs, ok just simply number the album for ur collection from 1 to 100. Done. Hope this helps, let me know if u're done with it anyway. It's a totally free software. Mail me if u want a trusted link if u can't find 1
    01-22-2015 11:27 PM

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