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    (LG Pheonix 2)

    I've been trying to get SuperSU on my new phone for hours yesterday and hours today and it seems that absolutely every method I try has some kind of error somewhere and it's getting extremely frustrating. The only actual root I've been able to accomplish is with Kingroot, but I only wanted to use that to install SuperSU and then uninstall Kingroot with it, but it refused to install so I just uninstalled Kingroot and am back at square one.

    After literally hours I finally managed to get ADB to see my LG Pheonix 2 so that I could boot in to recovery mode. That is seemingly the only way to do it (besides Kingroot) because I've found absolutely nothing anywhere specifying how to do this with the buttons on the phone and no known methods for other phone models have worked on mine. Well, I'm finally into it, but to no surprise there's another problem--the dead Android icon is displayed over a black background without the recovery menu. I have some hope left that if I can access the recovery menu I'll be able to root my device with SuperSU. So, with that said, how can I make the recovery menu come up when I'm on the screen with the dead Android logo?

    Also, my phone doesn't seem to have any fastboot or bootloader page either. All it does is reboot the device like normal

    Any help would be extremely appreciated :crying:
    07-22-2016 06:38 AM

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