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    I have been using my G1 in Shenzhen China now for over a year now. I had it unlocked when I still had my T-mobile service in the States. I have since switched to AT&T reluctantly for business reasons but thats neither here nor there. When Im in China I plug in my China Mobile sim along with the correct APN settings and I have no problems using the full functions on my G1 aside from things like facebook which is blocked in China. Today I thought it was strange that I hadnt received any email notifications all day so found out that my gmail wasnt syncing. After many hours of fooling around with the phone I decided to do a factory reset. Oops!! When I went to plug in my gmail info after the reboot, I also reset my apn setting knowing that I needed a data plan to activate the phone again. So there I am with full signal on Edge and the phone wont log on! I have tried probably 50 times and I get the same message every time cannot establish a reliable data connection to the server So I may be beating a dead horse hear on this forum but without hacking into the phone do I really need to put a T-mobile sim back in my phone for a minute? Is there something Im not doing right? This is a frustrating situation. I was just bragging to my friends the other day about this phone and how I cant give it up for a new one. I might just have to now. Help please! Any Ideas?
    06-14-2010 06:28 AM
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    Go to Near By Cafe With Have Wifi then use the Wifi to Log In..
    06-24-2010 07:46 AM
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    Hey there

    I have been using my G1 in shenzhen for almost half a year and things you encountered just hit every Android user in China, too.

    If you know a bit about the Great FireWall of China, you'll know the gov. is doing all kinds of tricks. The one just happened is the DNS Poisoning, which makes our phone unable to resolve the hostname for Gmail and Android Market. Luckily the IP address of them are still not being blocked, so someone in the Chinese forum for Android wrote a simple HOSTS file that needs to be flashed into the system.(or changing it manually using Root Explorer)

    You will need root access to apply this update:

    06-24-2010 10:34 PM