1. SinX7's Avatar
    Hello, I was wondering If I can get only the Unlimited text without web/data plan. If I can't, and I root my G1 do I still need the data plans? Because I don't really use the data/web. Mainly texting and talk. I was planning to root my G1 also, But I was wondering if I still need data/web package for it to work, since I dont really use it. And I got wifi on places I go to and at home.
    09-04-2010 03:08 PM
  2. alm's Avatar
    T-mobile has plans that include just talk and text only. If you are not under contract or have purchased your G1 out right, you have two options. Prepaid (talk and text) or one of the even more plus plans with just talk and text. If your currently have service with t-mobile on another phone without data just swap the sim to your g1 and you should be good to go provided the G1 has previously been activated on the google servers. The G1 works fine with out a data plan. I rooted mine and use a prepaid sim for talk and text, wifi for data. Be advised if your root your phone you will be placing a new image/rom on the phone as part of the process. This will reset the phone and you will have to reactivate it on the google servers. To activate the phone again you will need to either "borrow" a t-mobile sim from someone temporarily who has a data plan, activate the phone and then put your talk/text sim back in. The other way is to use the Android SDK in order to get to the phone's wifi setup. Turn on wifi and then you can activate the phone that way. There are some good guides you can find on how to root and activate without a data plan on unlockr.com and the xda-devloper's forums. Be sure you are throughly familiar with the guides and you shouldn't have a problem rooting your phone. Also, this does not unlock the phone for other carriers, i.e. ATT.
    09-09-2010 10:33 PM