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    My Gmail was hacked by vanigo.com who sent spam to my contacts and
    then deleted all my contacts.

    Google says it cant help recover the contacts. Thats absurd. Even
    Microsoft helped recover contacts of all its users that had the
    problem on Hotmail: windowslivehelp.com/community/t/19799.aspx

    I am enraged - had more than 1500 contacts - emails, phones,
    addresses. Moreover, I have a G1 phone so all my phone contacts (those
    1500+) are gone too since G1 synchs contacts with Gmail.

    I used to be a big Google advocate. Now I will boycott all Google
    products and start a Google hate group.
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    03-10-2009 10:43 AM
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    And before anybody jumps to claim that I wasn't careful and that I shouldn't blame Google, let me say this: my password is not a dictionary word, is not a name, is 10 characters long, is a combination of upper & lower case letters, digits and special characters, and was categorized as STRONG when I filled it in (the green almost filling the whole password strength bar). I do not use public computers and my computer is secured by CA, McAfee and Norton. My WiFi uses WPA encryption. All things considered, I am reasonably certain that I have taken adequate measures to protect myself (apart from backing up my cloud data).
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    03-17-2009 04:24 PM
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    I had been using gmail exclusively from my G1 phone for a few days when the breach occured - had not been using my laptop for anything at all. Also since for most people affected the breach seems to have happened at or around the same time period, it lends credence to the hypothesis that it's the cloud that was breached.
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    03-17-2009 04:25 PM
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    And don't you think it sucks that Microsoft, the company that we all have always thought of as having the suckiest support, is actually helping its users and Google is not Contacts & Address Book - Windows Live Help
    Lost Contacts & Vanigo - Windows Live Help

    Google's stubborn resistance to restoring the contacts is just annoying. All they need to do is restore the state to that on a particular date. I am sure they have this information at not one but hundreds of servers - gmail, gtalk, g1, backups, caches, etc. What's the point of a backup if you cant restore it?

    Also, check out: SOS: All G1, Gmail, Gtalk contacts disappeared. Please help! - Google Mobile Help
    03-17-2009 04:29 PM
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    So, you had 1500 contacts without a personal backup? Some people like to learn the hard way and to blame others when the inevitable happens. As taught in Computer 101: back up your data at regular intervals!

    But it's in the cloud and presumably safe, you claim? Ha, not quite. But Google makes it easy to export contacts for a backup. Backing up the Calendar is not quite as obvious but also takes just a few seconds and can save much grief.
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    04-01-2009 05:58 PM
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    @android007 ... Let's start with the "system restore" for Google, so that YOU can get your contacts back. Do you realize that if Google did this ofr YOU to get your 1500+ contacts back that hundreds or even thousands of others would in turn LOSE their NEW data that they have just synced? Use your head on this one.

    #1. If you really did have 1500 contacts, common sense would tell you to save these elsewhere. (Just in case)

    #2. Where were these contacts saved prior to your android phone and google sync?
    ***If they were already on Google, again, you should have saved a backup.

    #3. You cannot blame someone else for YOUR misfortunes. If you read the entire terms of service agreement with Google, you will find that clearly printed it states that Google cannot be held responsible for lost or stolen data.

    The moral of the story: Save your sh*t! Technology has an unwritten disclaimer... That disclaimer simply reads..."at your own risk!"
    05-26-2010 11:19 AM
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    I can understand your frustration but as others have mentioned, you had the option to backup your contacts very easily locally. What is the point of starting a Google hate group? Seem kind of pointless just because you are bitter with Google (and honestly, a little immature IMO). If you feel the way you do, then just don't use Google stuff. Problem solved.
    05-26-2010 11:49 AM
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    to add to everyone elses comments, why are you knocking the G1 cuz of something that happened with google. yes i know its a "google phone" but that honestly could have happened with any phone that syncs as far as i know. im not a computer wiz but it seems like you're blaming everything and everone except the one responsible.......YOU. The G1 happens to be the reason there are any other android phones available now and is the starting point for the war against iphone and those of us that swear to burn every iphone we come across. I had my g1 for almost 2 yrs and didnt have a single problem. sounds like user error. final note: g1 was only available on tmobile for a long time, which uses sim cards, which holds numbers and the like......dont know what happened there but just a thought
    08-03-2010 05:10 PM
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    I think this might be a good time to ask yourself how many of those 1500+ contacts you actually keep in touch with.
    08-05-2010 09:52 AM
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    I agree with each one of these messages that have been posted here.

    But first I do want to go ahead and let you know, and even Microsoft will tell you this... It's not "safe" to have multiple virus protectors on your computer. You claim to have CA, Norton, and McAfee? Well first off I can go ahead and tell you from person experience with McAfee and Norton that neither one of these security centers are worth the money or the time. They do not protect, they are there to look pretty and make you think they're working. Norton is the WORST one to have because Norton is actually a virus in itself just like AVG is. But to get back to what I was saying, regardless if you had 3 good security centers on your computer, they still wouldn't work because when you run multiple security device's on your system, the computer doesn't know which one is doing what, so therefore they conflict with each other and whereas one thinks it's doing everything so the other can just do nothing, but in all reality they all think that the other is doing the job and really not a single one of them are doing a thing.

    Secondly, like everyone else said... You can't blame Google for making this mistake, this IS your fault, and only yours. Because not only do you have the option to back up your contacts with Google, but you also have the option to back up your contacts with T-Mobile. I have T-Mobile and I have a T-Mobile G1 and there is a FREE application on T-Mobile's website called "Contact2Sim" and "T-Mobile Backup" - Both of these would have stored your contacts onto your SIM card AND would have backed up all of your contacts into your My.T-Mobile account. Not to mention the fact that you also could have simply exported your contacts via Gmail and saved them somewhere on your personal computer seeing that it's so "protected".

    And third of all, don't blame the G1 this could have happened on ANY Android phone. Just like you saw that other person got hacked by the SAME company but through Hotmail... So why should this only be the G1's fault when you've even seen it yourself happening to another service. So what happens when you don't want to keep your G1 and you switch to the MyTouch3G Slide, or the MotoCliq or Cliq XT or even if you go to the Verizon Droids and the same thing keeps happening? What are you going to do then? Come on here and start hate groups against all the companies and their phones just because you don't know how to be a responsible user and back up YOUR OWN DATA?

    Seriously dude, think about what you're saying/doing beforehand.
    08-12-2010 03:45 PM
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    I heart Gmail.
    09-06-2010 11:40 AM