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    im new here so i hope i dont get flamed but i recently sold my blackberry for a g1 but one problem is i bought it off craigslist and only to find that the speaker is broken, i checked the phone before i bought it and everything works except the speaker. Its unlocked and im not on t-mobile im on att i called tmobile and they cannot repair it for me and and i called htc and they told me they can send me a box and send it back to htc for a technician to look at it. eh either way can i get some suggestions of what i can do and the cheapest way possible please and thank you and another thing i think it might be a software issue and yes i already did a factory restore is there some way to reinstall the whole os again?
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    05-16-2009 01:36 AM
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    well its not bricked anymore but the speaker is broken any suggestions on how i can get it fixed btw im not with tmobile so i cant just replace it
    06-14-2009 03:58 AM